Center for Niger Delta Studies

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The Centre for Niger Delta Studies (CNDS) is a multi-disciplinary academic unit established by the Niger Delta University Act (2000), to provide a formal University-based centre dedicated to the study and development of the Niger Delta region. Key objective of the centre is to stimulate interest and promote understanding of the people and environment of the region through research, advocacy and capacity building. The Centre is chartered by its enabling law to advance the University’s national/community service delivery profile.

Our Mission
The mission of the CNDS is to promote proper understanding of the Niger Delta, its development challenges and problems, and the appropriate solutions. To achieve this, the Center focuses on problem-solving research activities and education in the following major areas:
• History, language and culture
• Sustainable management and conservation of the forest and aquatic resources
• Environmental pollution and degradation
• Flood/ erosion control and infrastructure
• Socio-economic and human health
In addition, the center organizes workshops, seminars, conferences, and symposium. It also engages in publications to facilitate the exchange of research findings, information and ideas on the Niger Delta.

Our Vision

To enhance understanding of the development challenges of the Niger Delta, in order to contribute to the planning and implementation of appropriate intervention strategies. The essence is to provide a scientific data base to discover

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